Fire Features

Gather Together and Sit by the Fire

Fire Features

What an Amazing Idea

Make relaxing poolside by the fire a great experience.

Who doesn’t love to sit by a fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace? On those chilly nights when it’s too cold to take a dip in the pool, there is nothing better than warming up by the captivating fire. 


Fire Features Beyond The Norm

Our many years of designing and constructing outdoor living environments have given us the knowledge and experience needed to know what is best for each homeowner’s lifestyle.

Throughout the past decade, fire features poolside have been growing in popularity and are now in high demand. Join in on the fun and get your custom-built fire features today.

Above Ground Fire Pits & Fireplaces

An Above ground fire pit means they retain a wall or barrier around the fire on all or most of the sides. They are generally a foot high, where the seating area is slightly above. To sit on the edge of the fire pit instead of on benches or chairs, the height should be approximately eighteen to twenty inches high.

A fireplace can be built in any shape, and style, from brick to concretet and other.

Inground Fire Pits

An ideal inground fire pit is dug into the ground where the fire is below ground level. A patio can surround it.

Custom Fire Features

Custom fire features, like fire fountains, are hand-built from the ground up using various building materials like stone, concrete, pavers, brick, and more. They can be mobile or immobile and they can be above ground or inground. When it comes to customization, there are no limits.

Wood Burning

Speaking about how the fire will burn and what comes to the minds of many? A classic wood-burning fire feature will make one feel like they are at a campfire. Design and create a natural look with the right materials, and you’re ready to “sing around the campfire.”

Gas-Burning (Natural, Gas, Propane)

Gas-burning fire features are growing in popularity. They do not produce smoke, do not make one’s clothes smell and are easier to maintain.  They are cleaner and allow you to burn other types of material such as lava rock and glass and fire glass.

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Fire Features




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