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Lighting up the pool and surrounding landscape at night makes swimming safer and adds fantastic ambiance and drama to your backyard. The lighting of today has far surpassed the lighting of yesterday.

Experts In The Pool and Outdoor Lighting Industry

The days of conventional lighting for inground swimming pools are far gone.

The newest pool lighting techniques use LED lighting that is sealed inside a protective waterproof fixture. They can be mounted in wall niches and operate on standard electrical power or with low voltage. Their beautiful illumination offers a far better brightness than the typical incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

In addition, they use 80 percent less energy and last up to 100,000 hours on average, far longer than the incandescent and halogen bulbs. Since they are brighter, they can spread further, resulting in the need for fewer lights.

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At Sunset Pools and Spas, our professional pool and outdoor lighting specialists use their knowledge and experience to create stunning lighting atmospheres. 

There is definitely an art to designing lighting. You would be amazed if you could compare a backyard with lighting vs. a backyard that was designed with the best lighting in mind.

We can install lighting that will set your mood, and tantalize your senses, sight and sound with a variety of color combinations and brightness.


Outdoor Lighting

Pool Water Feature Lighting

Add a touch of lighting to the trickling sounds of water and you are all set.

Inground Pool Lighting

Newest High-Tech LED Lighting in various colors to set the mood.

Landscape Lighting Around Pool

What is a pool without landscape lighting to add to its beauty?

Light Up The Night

Add a Cozy Fire Feature and You're All Set