Vinyl Liner Replacement

Choose from a Variety of Colors and Patterns

Pool Liner Replacement

Virgin Vinyl Liners

Is your vinyl liner damaged and in need of being replaced?

At Sunset Pools, we only offer the best and highest quality durable vinyl liners. The availability is 20- or 28-mil thickness with a 15-year manufacturer warranty. In addition, there is a design and color to match every homeowner’s style.

A Quick Transformation

A new swimming pool liner can rejuvenate and freshen up a tired-looking pool.

With a wide variety of colors and designs, it is easy to achieve the look and color water you desire. Both light and dark vinyl liners have their pros; for example, a darker liner and one with a swirl pattern will show less dirt and debris.

Our liners are made to fit like a glove right within your existing shell. In addition, to the installation of a strong high-quality liner, we will install the new accessories needed to go along with the new liner, such as floor padding, wall foam, new gaskets and more.

How Do you Choose?

Selecting The Pattern

Selecting the pattern design will be the most important choice when choosing your vinyl liner. You will see this every time you step out of your backdoor.

We classify the specific patterns based on light blue, deep blue, and aqua watercolors. The Sunset Pools vinyl liner reps will go over the different styles, and what color water will be achieved. It is also vital to note that the pool water color will change with the depth, time of day, and weather.

A Few Vinyl Liner Examples

To capture a bit of mystery like the deep blue sea, this pattern does just that. The water will appear a vibrant royal blue that will look stunning at night under the pool lighting.

If you want to bring the beach to your backyard, a light tan speckled liner will bring on the contrast of sea and sand. In addition, the water will have a touch of sea green.

Staying with the traditional and old-world modern blue watercolor is still a favorite of many. This pool liner has a marble inlay with a crystal design and achieves a beautiful oasis.

Are You Ready For a Vinyl Liner Replacement?