Water Features

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Water Features

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A Plethora of Water Feature Design Options

Custom water features added to a pool make a huge difference. They can transform a basic pool into a dynamic pool.

The trickling sound of flowing water creates a natural and calming atmosphere in outdoor living spaces.

Let's Get Creative

Water features are a design element where there are numerous options. Depending on the style of the pool, whether it be a geometric, traditional or modern, or a freeform, tropical or other, there are water features of all types for each.

From small and simple to large and lavish, these features can act as a focal centerpiece, or you can have various types within the pool. These elements will draw the entire poolscape together into a stunning, cohesive, aesthetic composition.

Take a look below to get an idea of the type of water feature options available, but not limited to.

Spa Spillovers

If you add a spa to your pool, a spa spillover is an elegant way to add an artistic flair to the spa. The spa/hot tub will be built at an elevated level from the pool. There is an overflow edge where the water flows down into the pool and circulates back into the spa.


Waterfalls bring a natural look to a swimming pool’s aesthetics. Those of us who have had the opportunity to experience one knows it’s a fantastic experience.

Rock waterfalls are typically a central part of a cohesive natural and tropical-themed swimming pool design.

Waterfalls can also be added to the traditional pool bringing in an exciting contrast.

Overall, one will achieve both audible and visible fulfillment.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Sheer descent water walls can give your custom pool an up-scale, modern edge, a look that is indeed extraordinary. They can be custom-built to any size, shape, or form. The sheer water wall creates an unbroken arc of water that typically flows into your swimming pool.

Pool Fountains

Pool fountains can be as personalized and exciting as you would like. They add another dimension while creating extraordinary results.

They can be built as a detached feature or an element that pours directly into your swimming pool.

The proper placement during the design phase is vital to ensure it is a centralized component that brings your pool to the next level.

Bubbler's and Deck Jets

Deck jets create an arcing stream of water that adds a whimsical flair to the pool. Have you seen the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas? Pretty nice! Of course, we can bring that to your backyard in a smaller fashion.

Bubblers create a water bubbling effect. The bubbles happen when an air compressor produces a specific volume of compressed air or PSI. The air goes through the plumbing system, and bubbles are created as it goes out the pool nozzle fittings.

So Let's Get Started!

At Sunset Pools, our expert pool water feature designers use their expertise to combine all of the features to blend seamlessly within the pool.


Water Features

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