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Enchanting Landscapes

Quality That Means Beauty and Longevity

In northern New Jersey, homes are built on flat lands, hills, rocks, sand and lakes. No two properties are alike; therefore, complete landscaping customization is needed to deliver a fantastic scene.

Incredible Landscape Designs

Imagine walking out your sliding door to your backyard to dip in your crystal clear swimming pool water. The temperature is fabulous, and you have the most beautiful and inviting backyard that envies all the neighbors. A pool and landscape that are designed to complement each other beautifully.

However, for you, is this only a dream?

Is It a Dream or Reality?

Yes, it’s a dream waiting to happen but only when your close your eyes to rest for the night. This same old scenario can change.

When you speak with a representative from Sunset Pools and Spas, your dream can become a reality.

If you have the budget, don’t stop at the pool. Instead, consider adding landscaping that will transform your backyard into a paradise. You know, the paradise you only get to enjoy at your favorite vacation resort.

Can it be paradise?

Let us put you at that vacation resort every day. And how do we go about doing that? We do it by designing and constructing incredible landscape designs to enhance your poolscape and entire backyard.

Let the landscape team at Sunset Pools and Spas transform your backyard, expand its daily use, and make pool time more relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Not only does a great landscape design add ambiance and beauty, but it also increases the home’s value.

What do you choose?

Whatever you want, we will provide, from low-maintenance plants such as perennials and evergreens to exotic plants that offer a luxurious lush poolside appearance. Do you want to keep it simple so as not to be overwhelming, or do you want it oversized, incorporating all types of landscape shrubbery, trees and plants? Do you need a shaded area? Our team will create what is best for you, your lifestyle and your home.



Landscaping, small and simple

Plain and Simple

For the smaller backyard a few simple shrubs and flowers will do the trick.
decorative landscaping


There is never a limit to the color variations and types of plants
large and lavish landscaping

Large and Lavish

Complete transformations with tress, shrubs and a variety of plants.

Enhance Your Backyard

From Basic to Artistic Layouts